Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Amazing Liberty Writing Group

My intention for is that it become a self-perpetuating site of entertaining comics and short fiction with themes that celebrate individuality, non-aggression and private property. As time goes by, I invite all interested writers to join and run your fiction past the group. When enough good stories come in, the next step will be to publish an e-book and (if the interest is there) a print book of the best stories that are submitted to the group. There are more and more distribution options for circulating small press materials. You would retain full ownership of any work you contributed.

I've yet to send out invitations to join the group, but if you're interested, contact me and I will send you that invitation. In the coming weeks, the yahoo webpage will slowly become more inviting. To begin with, I am uploading a satire of a couple of years ago, "The Gambit of Conspirator."


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