Thursday, May 11, 2006

Anarchia and Amazing Liberty

And so it begins! There are a dozen little tasks to get Amazing Liberty up and running. Warrior Son postcards have been ordered. E-mail boxes and auto-responders to get set up on the website. Also, I put in a call to my good friend MR Wildheart (many thanks to him for all of his support) to start coloring ANARCHIA so there will be a new feature to put up next month.

The idea of Anarchia began after reading a commentary on capital punishment by Walter Block. Block is against state adjudicated capital punishment. But he elaborated on the point with the comment that ideal justice would be a machine that transferred the life force of the murderer back into his victim. Presto -- Anarchia is born, comic books not being limited by a minor constraint like "reality."

The first Anarchia story was written by me and drawn by the talented Victor Cabrales. It's slated for a June posting. Stay tuned!


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